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It's been a while

Over six months ago I announced the pending run-down of Bombphoons Aviation Memorabilia, and at this point I'd like to thank everyone for their messages of support, best wishes and gratitude for our efforts over the years. You've all been wonderful and your messages have meant a great deal to Caron and I, thank you all.
Following my announcement I went into a period of much needed recupperation and was absent from the business for much of that period. So if you've made an effort to contact me and I haven't got back to you before now I apologise sincerely.
Over the past six months one thing has become even more apparent to us....it's going to take a huge amount of time and effort to 'pass on' my collection accumulated over many years. The logisitics are intimidating and extremely daunting but we do now have a clear timescale, and this is because my new 'landlord' has recently confirmed to me his intention to turn my Museum into excecutive flats!!.....we now have until December 30th 2018 to 'pass on' around 5,000 individual items of Vintage Aviation Memorabilia. A huge percentage of my collection has never hit the website so I'll be endeavouring to commence new and regular listings as soon as I can.
We've also had a couple of highly enjoyable meetings with Paul Laidlaw of Laidlaw Auctioneers and Valuers and now plan to hold a number of specialised Vintage Aviation Memorabila Auctions (The Ian Wilson Aviation Collection) later thia year and throughout 2018. These will be very highly promoted and will be extensively advertised. We will soon commence the unenviable task of doing an inventory of my whole collection and then begin looking to catalogue individual items for specific auctions. So, if some items do disappear from the website, then they will be going to auction.

Well, that's a brief update of events past, present and future. Health dependent, normal service will be resuming on the website very soon.

Hello to everyone from Caron & Ian Wilson.

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The World of Collecting Vintage Aviation Memorabilia is possibly the most Interesting, Exciting and Diverse there is! Different Era's, Squadron's, Aircraft, Countries, Equipment, RFC, RAF, Luftwaffe, Flying Helmet, Oxygen Mask, Goggles, Cockpit Clock, Flying Boots.... and the list goes on.

Our intention is to offer Aviation Enthusiasts and Collectors around the World the most varied and interesting items we can find. When we say "find" we mean that quite literally, we won't be sitting around waiting for a TypeD Oxygen Mask to drop on our laps! Caron and I have given up our full-time jobs, bought a motorhome and plan to visit ALL of the major UK & European Militaria Fairs, Antique & Collector Fairs, Private Auctions, Flea Markets etc.

We will scour every nook and cranny to find you the collector, the type of Aviation items you tell us you are after. Send us your 'wish-list' and we'll do our best on your behalf. From Flying Helmets to Cockpit Clocks, Fug Boots to Scramble Bells - Whatever we find, you will find on the Bombphoons website at some stage. 1914-1945, Axis or Allied, Issued or Private Purchase, Mint or Relic, we will find it.

Bombphoons will also offer a Money Back Guarantee if you are not totally satisfied with your purchase.

One last thing; I am a Collector too. I am always willing to buy or trade for any Hawker Typhoon/Tempest and 2nd Tactical Air Force items for my own display, and we're also interested in buying any items for the website too.

Caron and I look forward to working with you.

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