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UNIQUE - ONE OFF! Collection of Original Royal Flying Corps Blazer Badges

From my personal collection, this is a unique display of Royal Flying Corps Blazer Badges collected by myself over many years.

These are all original period badges, beautifully made in bullion wire, Each has been "fine pinned" to a cork board so as not to damage them with glue or tape.

Even though the framing is basic this is one of the very finest display pieces in my Museum. However,my website pictures come nowhere near to showing just how good it is. Please ask for further pictures to be sent.

Code: 53922Price: On Request

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Mystery Aviation Insignia

I'm trying to put a positive identification to this insignia/dress wear.

When originally acquired I was informed they would have been used on a Military Aviator's Dress Cape. The long Eagle pin being used to fasten at the neck/upper chest and the winged propellers used as collar badges.

They are beautifully made in gilt metal with no makers marks to help identify the country of origin.

Have you seen anything similar?

Code: 53921Price: On Request

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MINT!! A-11 USAAF Flying Helmet with 100% Original AN6530 Flying Goggles

Two of the finest example's of WWII USAAF Flying Gear you will find. The early pattern AN6530 Goggles have the smaller vent tubes with its all original face cushion, still in excellent shape, flexible and clean with no cracks or deterioration.
The A-11 leather Flying Helmet is in mint condition, fully wired and ready to wear if required. It is impossible to upgrade!

You'd be hard pressed to find a better WWII American Headset anywhere.

Code: 53919Price: 550.00 GBP

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MAGNIFICENT!! 1942-1945 USAAF Large Wall Hanging from Rome Army Air Field

It can never be said that I don't offer some rather special, and quite unique items of WWII Aviation Memorabilia. This large wall hanging is just such an item.

Measuring 29" wide x 24" high this handpainted hanging has a very interesting group of twentythree signatures on the reverse, all bar two are female. I'd be very interested to hear any theories as to who the signatories were.

Please Note; this is a heavy item so postage may differ from the cost produced by PC programme.

Code: 53918Price: 425.00 GBP

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This is an incredible piece of Battle of Britain memorabilia, German propaganda warning the British public of what was to come, how right they were! Sadly for Goering however, the RAF were twice as "ruthless" when it came to Air to Air Combat.

These double-sided printed/hand adapted posters were placed inside of the Newspaper notice boards announcing the newspaper's main headline of that day...once used, they were simply thrown away and replaced by the next days headline's. Incredibly this one has survived and I don't believe there will be another example anywhere!

This comes gauranteed as 100% Original! and will also come with a lifetime Certificate of Authentication.

Code: 53917Price: 1550.00 GBP

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MYSTERY!! 1942 RAF Sundial from Bridgnorth Area

This wonderful item of RAF Memorabilia was discovered in 2004 and I'm trying to find out where this might have been used in 1942. Chances are slim but you never know.

I think it's so unique that I'm also looking to have it fully restored. any Sundial experts out there?

Code: 53916Price: On Request

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STUNNING! WWI RAF Officers Mess Ice Bucket - Propeller Hub

Code: 53915Price: 170.00 GBP

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EXCEPTIONAL!! 1918 Royal Flying Corps Large Photo Frame - Propeller Tip

Description to follow

Code: 53914Price: 225.00 GBP

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QUALITY!! Royal Flying Corps - Rifle Butt Cribbage Board

Description to follow

Code: 53913Price: 185.00 GBP

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SUPERB!! Original WWI Royal Flying Corps Portrait, Side Cap and Shoulder Title

Description to follow

Code: 53912Price: 445.00 GBP

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