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SUPERB!! 1920's/30's Flying Suit by 'GIEVES of Lon

The finest example of a pre-War Flying Suit I've had.

Made by "Gieves Ltd" of Bond Street, London this rare Suit is simply 'faultless'!!! Okay, I know I sometimes go over the top with my descriptions but rare items of Flying Clothing such as this still excite me after all these years.

Displayed on a mannequin with my "Gieves" Flying Boots and "Gieves" Schneider Trophy Flying Helmet would result in the perfect example of Gentlemans Aviator Clothing from the "Golden Age of Aviation".

This Flying Suit is the only example I've seen of an actual "Gieves" Suit and believe me, no pictures could ever do it justice. It is absolutely MINT!! even the "Lightning ZIPP" zips are perfect.

If you should decide to put together a display Mannequin incorporating the Gieves Flying Helmet & Boots I will offer a very good deal.