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MEGA RARE!! - The complete set of MOLLIE THE 'MOSS

I believe we should be eternally grateful to the Airman who for some reason stashed away this complete set of the MOLLIE THE "MOSSIE" RAF noticeboard pictures.

In all the years I've been collecting I think I've seen maybe three of these in private collections. Yet here I have all Seven - in MINT Condition and on original Air Ministry photographic paper.

MOLLIE THE "MOSSIE" was the typical cartoon character of the day, drawn to provide light relief in a serious warning to RAF Servicemen in tropical climates against the perils of the Mosquito and Malaria.

I wouldn't expect these to continue to be kept in the leather folder they were found in. They really should be conservation framed for posterity.

This has to be a once in a lifetime opportunity to acquire such a complete set in mint condition.