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The FINEST pair of pre-War Private Purchase 1936 R

Ladies & Gentlemen of the jury, allow me to present the case of the finest quality pair of 1936 Pattern Flying Boots you're ever likely to see!

Size 9.5 - 10

The company ethos for Simpson of Piccadilly was to be a purveyor of "quality clothes for the well-heeled". Indeed, the store regularly attracted the "tweedy set" including Royals, MPs, dignitaries and country landowners.

That "Simpsons" company ethos also carried through to His Majesties Armed Forces and this can be seen in the superior quality of Uniforms and Clothing supplied to the higher echelons of the British Military up to and throughout WWII......Coincidentally "Simpsons" only became known as "Simpsons of Picadilly" in the same year this style of Flying Boot was approved by the Air Ministry - 1936!

As a long term collector and trader in vintage aviation clothing I've enjoyed the company of quite a few pairs of 1936 Pattern Flying Boots, yet I've never come across a pair like these!
The beautiful, thick black leather would put the boots of a high-ranking German Officer to shame. These stand up by themselves.
The quality is so good that, contrary to what you might think I haven't spent a week 'bulling' them to give this highly polished finish. I ran a soft shoe brush and then a pair of tights over them once, and just look at the result!

There is some wear to them and the inner soles might need to be replaced if they were to be worn. Other than that, well just look at them! My pictures come nowhere near to showing how good these are, you have to see and hold them to fully appreciate them.