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UNISSUED!! - WARTIME!! - RAF Pilots TypeH Oxygen M

Used only in the latter part of WWII a Wartime dated TypeH is much harder to find than the earlier Gtype Oxygen Mask, the TypeH Oxygen Mask was also used for many years after the War by the Royal Air Force. So the huge majority found date to the 1950's and 1960's.

This wonderful 1940's example is dated for April 1945!

It does have the usual storage marks but it has its original RAF Stores label and even has the original yellow elastic bands still in place. The original Mic Loom and large square connecting plug are immaculate.

I do have a hose available if required.

Note for the new collector; The Mask is being shown with a later 2nd Pattern Ctype Helmet (51671) and NOT the 1st Pattern Helmet shown above. This Mask wouldn't be wholly suitable for the earlier 1st Pattern Helmet.