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INCREDIBLY SCARCE!! 'Comet Line' lapel badge by Ar

I would say I'm putting my "C on the B" in selling this, for the simple reason that there is nothing out there to actually confirm what it is.

This lapel badge has been on my website for some time now with requests for information on it. No concrete information has come forward but everyone who has expressed an opinion has said they "think it is associated with the Comet Line"....I have to agree. A Comet breaking through a circle of barbed wire can only lead to one conclusion. Also the fact the badge was made in France by Arthus Bertrand makes that theory all the more believable.

Since it's advent in Belgium 1941 "Comete" helped over 750 Allied Servicemen from the RAF & Army return to England. After the War a number of "Comete" Associations have been founded and I can't help but wonder if this is a members badge?

The badge is numbered 278.