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AWESOME!! Pair of Wagener Luftwaffe Flying Goggles

You know how it is, you see something on ebay which raises your pulse immediately. So you have to have it, so bid far more than you normally would.....well, this is just such an example. I won't go into the gory details of the transaction but when these Goggles arrived the cushions were crazed and ROCK HARD!! However, given the mint condition of everything else I decided to keep them. I have had them in my static Goggle Display for about eight months.
Then today, I picked them up to add them to the website and the cushions had softened! Now, the surface of the cushions isn't broken so the crazing could be filled in if so desired. The crazing also looks a hundred times worse on a close up picture....but just look at them as they are!
These have never been out of the box, there isn't a mark on the frames, the lenses, the strap, the box, the spare frames etc

Issued in March 1941, these are simply outstanding!

The LKpS101 will be listed soon.