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EXCELLENT! Pair of Original WWII Japanese 'Cats Ey

A very good, honest pair of the iconic "Cats Eyes" Japanese Fighter Pilot Goggles.
I say 'honest' as two screws have been replaced with no attempt to hide. or disguise what is probably a straightforward 'field repair'....."make do and mend".

The unmarked frames are in excellent condition as are the cushions. The slightly tinted lenses have small delam areas and a few light scratches. The strap is no longer elasticated but is complete and not damaged.

There are a few marks as would be expected, but all in all an excellent display pair of these wonderful WWII Japanese Flying Goggles.

NB; The Flying Helmet in the pictures is a bit of a looks very much Japanese and the fur lining is of the type used by the Japanese Navy and Army Air Forces. I'd be interested to know if anyone has seen such a Helmet before?