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EXCELLENT!! Luftwaffe LKpS101 Fighter Pilot 'Summe

An original Luftwaffe LKpS101 with an original Fighter Pilot (Short) Communications Loom.

As so often happened after the War the electrics of this LKpS101 Flying Helmet were removed completely. Fortunately I had bought a Fighter Pilots Loom just a few months ago for just such a Flying Helmet and this has now been fitted to this Helmet.

The Helmet is in fantastic overall condition. I didn't have any replacement earphones but on display this isn't noticeable. The Communication Loom has the short plug cable so often associated with a Luftwaffe Fighter Pilots Flying Helmet rather than the much longer Loom associated with Luftwaffe Bomber Crew. One of the mic covers is missing from one of the early round bakelite mic's. Again, not noticeable on display.

So there you have it. Very much priced accordingly, an excellent Luftwaffe Fighter Pilots Helmet ready for display/wear.