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RARE!! Luftwaffe 'high' Flying Boots for the Easte

A very scarce pair of Luftwaffe Flying Boots. A longer length Boot lined with thick dark fur and a pair of heavier 'gripped' screwed on soles, both adaptations for the extremes of the Russian Winter! Having said that, the Russian Air Force Flying Boots were far superior for the cold and snow, see picture.

Made from black leather and grey suede the overall condition is very good indeed. Both period zips working fine, one by "Zipp" and one by "Rapid".
The ankle and knee straps and buckles are complete and also in good condition. There are a lot of genuine, period repairs. Bearing in mind the conditions in which these Boots would have been used this is hardly surprising.

It is worth bearing in mind that taking into account what happened to the Luftwaffe/Wehrmacht fighting on the Eastern Front. Once hostilities had ended, any item of clothing
would have been 'recycled' and worn by the Russian people. This is the reason this type of Flying Boot is very rarely seen. The Russian Flying Boots (pictured) are a good example of how Wartime Soviet Flying Boots are hardly ever offered on the market.

NEW COLLECTORS, Please Note: These are original Luftwaffe Flying Boots and NOT the heavy/cumbersome German Army eastern front boots often passed off on ebay as Flying Boots.