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IMMACULATE!! RAF Ctype Flying Helmet - Wired - MIN

There really is only one word to describe this example of a Ctype Flying Helmet..........PERFECTION!!

Dating from 1944 onwards the only difference between this and the first internally wired Ctype (March 16 1944) is the addition of the two extra Loom retaing straps....viewed from the front you can see this is actually a Wartime made Helmet with the deeper/pointed brow panel.

These two extra straps to the Ctype were probably first used with the advent of the D and E type Flying Helmets on 12 December 1944. Both of these Flying Helmets had the extra loom retaining straps fitted as standard, so it is presumed that Ctypes were also adapted in the same way around this date.

I also have it on very good authority that examples of this Helmet owned and worn by WWII Veterans have been confirmed by the Vets as being worn before the end of the War.

Not only is this a very large Helmet (as seen on my display head), the condition of the Helmet, Loom, Receiver's, Straps, Poppers, Lining, Leather etc can only be described as immaculate!! - just look at the shine on the brown popper covers and the receivers, says it all really, and I mean it when I say the pictures come nowhere near to showing just how gorgeous the Helmet actually is!

Although not tested, I would have no hesitation in declaring the Helmet to still be airworthy. It would of course have to be tested before use.