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ALMOST MINT!! Battle of Britain - 1940 Dated Btype

1940 Dated Flying Clothing is of course the "must have" to Battle of Britain collectors. So a 1940 Dated Btype Flying Helmet could be described as "The Holy Grail" to BoB enthusiasts. Yet strangely, very few 1940 dated Btypes turn up, but just look at this beauty.

Interesting point to note - No leather covering on the Bennetts Buckle 'pulls'. In my opinion, these 'pulls' never did have a leather covering. The overall minty condition of the leather and metal of these Buckles tells me there hasn't been any wear and tear. Definitely nowhere near enough to remove the leather from these 'pulls'.....1940 was a pretty hectic year for Flying Clothing production so I think this Helmet was amongst a number rushed through production to accomodate the unprecedented demand during the Battle of Britain.

This Helmet appears to be almost new. Even the Air Ministry 'cheek protectors' are in mint condition. There is no wear whatsover to the leather of the Helmet or the inner chamois lining. It does show minimal signs of age but is as good as you're going to get for a 100% Original Battle of Britain dated RAF Flying Helmet.

I have added receivers and cushions solely for the pictures, to show how truly awesome this beauty is.