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1940!! Battle of Britain dated Luftwaffe Model295

Very much as the Goggles below, these are a bit of a mystery - perhaps reproduction but I'm not aware of repro 295's being made. I do stand to be corrected on that.

The first point to note is that have have replacement lenses cut from thin plastic. This doesn't prevent them from looking great on display.

They have matt black frames and a green chamois lined cushion, original? The strap is a Luftwaffe goggle strap.

It's really the frame markings which set these off. I've never seen a pair of 295's actually stamped "295" and certainly never date stamped - 1940! I don't know, perhaps I'm missing something here. I'm hoping someone can provide further insight?

I've priced them as a rare pair of originals with a Battle of Britain date. If they 'aren't right' I'm sure someone will let me know.