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SUPERB!! Restored 6701-2 Luftwaffe Oxygen Mask - 3

This is one of a dozen or so Luftwaffe Oxygen Masks recently discovered in a WWII Luftwaffe bunker. Due to a confidentiality agreement I'm not in a position to disclose the bunkers whereabouts, but each buyer of one of these Masks will be sent two extraordinary pictures of the bunker entrance and the twelve various Luftwaffe Oxygen Masks in 'pre-restoration' condition. Given these have lain underground for over 70 years the condition is simply amazing!

The total restoration itself is carried out by the team of Military Archaeologists who actually found the bunker. Therefore, the work is of the very highest standards and sympathetically carried out. It hasn't been done as a simple commercial project, although the sale of the Masks to myself will be used to fund further Military Archaeological Projects