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RARE/COMPLETE!! WWII Luftwaffe Pilot Officer Ashtr

I emphasise the word "complete" because when these do occassionally come to the market they are invariably not in their original state. Unlike the vast majority of German manufactured goods of WWII there was a weakness in the bolt fixing of the Pilot to the ashtray which meant they broke very easily. The Pilot figure itself is a rare and desirable piece so was often glued to another item with the original ashtray never to be seen again
This can be seen on ebay item No. 190790120527

You can see that this example is also broken BUT, it does still have its original "oak leaved" ashtray and a repair would be a very simple, and invisible operation.

I believe the Pilot and ashtray are made from pewter, which has excellent overall patination. This is guaranteed as 100% original, with the ashtray showing the German foundry number of N110.