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RARE!! Pair of BATTLE OF BRITAIN 'Luxor No.10' Fly

THE most prized item of a Battle of Britain Pilot's kit. The large lensed "LUXOR" Flying Goggles were greatly favoured by the Pilots of the Royal Air Force due to their exceptional comfort and superior vision. It is worth comparing the overall style and functionality of these "LUXOR" Goggles with the Air Ministry issued MkIVb Flying Goggles shown it any wonder RAF Pilots of 1940 spent their own money in kitting themselves out with these?

The Mk10 LUXOR Goggles are without doubt one of the finest pairs of Goggles E.B Meyrowitz produced in the 1930's. Multi-vented nickel plated frames, tear drop bi-focal lenses and large comfortable cusions. The Mk10 was the epitomy of luxury.

As can be seen, this pair are in wonderful condition with excellent frames and complete soft cushions. These have mis-shapen over the years having been kept in their original case, but I'm sure the shape can be restored. The is NO STICKINESS in the rubber cushions. In fact, despite their current appearance they are two of the best original period cushions I've had.

The lenses have some light delamination but again, if these were to be worn that could be addressed.

All in all, a fantastic pair of original Battle of Britain period LUXOR Flying Goggles.