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AWESOME!! Luftwaffe Leather Flying Jacket - NAMED

Only acquired two weeks ago as a 'definite keepie', circumstances have subsequently changed and our new project now has to take precedence over all else.

This came to me from one of our very finest of sources and although there is no documented provenance, my actual source/supplier is all the comfort and confidence I need to declare this tremendous Jacket as totally authentic.

This "KARL HEISLER", Berlin made leather Jacket has everything....added map pocket & oxygen mask straps, shoulder board loops and buttons. It even has an internal pistol pocket added, using original black Algemeine black ribbed material as used in SS Uniforms with the size suitable to accomodate a Walther PPK or Colt 32ACP. The wear to the bottom of the pocket would suggest actual use.

The Jacket has had a Luftwaffe Breast Eagle removed, it is stamped on the inner zip flap and also has a superb added leather name tag to "Oberleutnant E Hintzež of JG55".