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EXCELLENT!! 1st Pattern RAF Ctype Flying Helmet -

A fantastic example of the early War variant of the Ctype Flying Helmet. In fantastic condition throughout. With its original Air Ministry label and fantastic Air Ministry stamp.

Superb leather and Bennetts Buckle strap arrangement.

Although this has been worn it is almost impossible to fault this Wartime Flying Helmet.

I also have the fully loomed TypeG Oxygen Mask which came with this Helmet but have decided to carry out some careful restoration where the edge of the Mask has frayed.

I know some collectors aren't keen on restoration and repairs and in the main I agree with that, but not carrying out this restoration will only result in further damage occuring and the Mask simply disintegrating in time.....a bit like the classic nail varnish repairs on laddered nylons.

The Helmet is named to a D.R EVANS