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STUNNING!! WWII RAF 'Longines' Pilot Watch - 6B/15

At the end of the War RAF personel were obliged to return their RAF issued wristwatches. It's common knowledge that many didn't and polished out the Issue Markings to make the watch unrecogniseable as a Military timepiece...that is exactly what happened to this Longines. The 6B/159 numbers were polished out BUT, curiously someone had the watch engraved again. However this time they used "PAF 6B/3694".....that reference number never existed!! So why it was engraved as such is a mystery.
Anyhoo, to avoid any confusion I've removed it, polished that out too.

So now what I'm now offering is a genuine 6B/159 Longines from the Wartime period. My friend Chris Balm has informed me the dial has been restored. So what we're left with is a bloody gorgeous Longines wristwatch. A fantastic movement and blued steel hands which keeps perfect time and is a real looker.