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Q; What's the first thing any collector does when they buy acquire a WWII Cap? A; They lift up the leather sweatband to see what is marked/written inside.

I'm no excception, so when I received the Cap from the States I looked under the sweatband and found a name - "R.M GINN". Not only did I find the name but tucked inside the sweatband is a Detroit/Great Lakes "Greyhound" Bus Ticket dated March 1946.

Can you imagine it, this guy has served his country in the War in Europe and now, in March 1946 he is sat on this Greyhound Bus making his way home to his Family for the first time in years!.....AWESOME!!

To the Cap itself; A rare English Made "BANCROFT" in wonderful condition and a real good size.
This "BANCROFT" is known as "THE WALES". Very much in the style of a '50 Mission Crusher' but "The Wales" has a very British touch to it in that the brown polished leather peak is rigid. So, the main body of the Cap does 'crush', hence 'Pak-Cap' but there is no way the peak will.

In maginficent condition with no mothing whatsoever but a small tear above the cap device which, unless you're looking from above will never be seen.

A good size 7.5.