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MAGNIFICENT!! Luftwaffe Pilot Badges by 'W DEUMER

Assessed by other collectors, dealers and experts. Confirmed as original and as "one of the very best Luftwaffe Pilot badges they'd seen".

A really stunning item of Luftwaffe insignia which I also had valued by others, which was more than my asking price.

Every collector and dealer who has seen this has been more than just impressed. One dealer stated that this is not only down to the incredible condition, but also the fact the maker/jeweller had gone that little bit further in the detailing. He then made me aware of the extra 'fretwork' carried out around the tail feathers and 'keyhole'

Believe me, when you hold this and view it close up you will be absolutely delighted.

The box has been instrumental in protecting the badge for many years but isn't original to the badge.