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ORIGINAL!! Battle of Britain TypeD Oxygen Mask - F

A truly outstanding example of an ORIGINAL Type D Oxygen Mask.

PLEASE NOTE; The two holes in the green barathea cloth are NOT mothing. It appears that something was pinned to the cloth, maybe a Good Luck charm?

The barathea cloth is still thick and very strong with none of the dreadful thinning and pulled stitching often associated with TypeD's. Many original's have large areas which are threadbare and moth damage...not this one! This Mask has survived the past seventy years with honours.

Although this has been worn it is in superb condition. You might hunt for years but believe me, you would be very hard pressed to find a better example of this very rare Oxygen Mask.

It is named to an Airman with the surname "Ferguson". Unfortunately the two forename initials are illegible which is a great shame as there were two Battle of Britain Pilots with the surname Ferguson.

This TypeD has come from a very trusted and reliable source.