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Air Ministry Btype Flying Helmet - 1935!!!, MkIIIa

What I have here is the earliest dated RAF Btype Flying Helmet - by "STERLING", and dated 1935!!! Fitted with earliest Air Ministry bakelite Gosport receivers.

Displayed with the Helmet........

The earliest dated pair of MkIIIa Flying Goggles, dated 1934!!!

These two pieces of RAF Flying Headgear are sheer History!! The 1935 dated Btype is an extremely rare item, but a 1934 dated pair of MkIIIa Goggles?........
........on the information available it has long been thought that the MkIIIa Flying Goggles first appeared in 1936. This incredible pair of MkIIIa's now show that the first pairs were supplied to the Air Ministry as early as 1934.

Both the Helmet and Goggles are in remarkable condition. They are displayed in this superb glass display case which will be offered to the buyer. I believe these items deserve to be a one-off display.