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MEGA RARE!!! - Early WWI Compass of the German Arm

Undoubtely the rarest Cockpit Compass to ever come into my posession. This came to me as a "ZEPPELIN" Compass and I've no doubt this type of Compass would also have been used in WWI Zeppelin's. However, just this evening whilst researching a newly acquired WWI German Aviator's Coat, I literally stumbled across this picture showing the exact same Gimballed Compass being used in a pre-War German Albatros Cockpit!

The Compass is still in its original Cockpit Gimbal shown in the picture. It is in extremely good condition and still working.
All parts are insitu and and move freely, so there is no rust or wear, other than to the paint. The glass is unfortunately cracked, but is complete and structurally sound. I suppose it could very easily be restored but looks awesome in its original state.
The Dial is marked - Armee-Kompass III, Munchen (Munich), there is then what I believe to be the makers name which is illegible..."M S++++++++"?

All markings to the top dial are still clear and on the side is stamped the number - 1281

If you flick between images 4 & 5 you will see this type of Compass in the Albatros Cockpit.

The Compass is beautifully mounted on a piece of very nice piece of Oak?...All in all a truly magnificent piece of German WWI Aviation Memorabilia!