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OUTSTANDING!! - 'Model M' Italian Flying Helmet -

A beautiful & complete example of the very scarce 'Model M' WWII Flying Helmet of the Italian Air Force.

Overall, this beauty is in immaculate does have all of its electrics too! The leather connecting housing from the loom to the Helmet has suffered some wear and would be better replaced if thought necessary. It would seem that the leather used by the manufacturer of this helmet was chosen more for comfort rather than practicality. The difference in leather from the Luftwaffe LKp100/101 Helmets is immediately noticeable with the Italian leather being far softer and therefore less resiliant to wear. The Throat Mic straps, Goggle straps and chinstraps aren't as heavy duty as the same period German Helmets.

Having said all that, just look at the Helmet itself..STUNNING!

Oh! and a large size too.