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Possibly the RAREST Military Parachute in the Worl

I had this Parachute on my website for eight months simply asking for information. During that time it created quite a stir, and if you check this 2005 BBC TV News Link you will see why.....

This news articles stated that the Pigeon Parachute in the article was "As far as we know, the only one left" when you consider that 16,000 Pigeons were dropped behind enemy lines during WWII, that's quite a statistic.

In the last eight months I've had one unconfirmed story of the existence of two other Pigeon Parachutes which were located at a Scottish Air Museum quite a few years back. One of those Parachutes was reputed to have been sold to an American Parachute Collector for an awful lot of money.

I've pictured this Pigeon Parachute next to the smallest drop-chute I could find and a MkII Spitfire Clockpit Clock. As you can see, the tiny Pigeon Parachute is very much smaller. In fact it fits into the palm of my hand.

This Pigeon Parachute ranks right alongside some of the rarest pieces of Militaria we've ever located. It is undoubtedly a Museum piece, and if it doesn't sell it will happily remain in my own small 'Museum'.