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SUPERB!! 1920's RAF 'typeA' Flying Helmet - IMMACU

First issued to the Royal Air Force in the early 1920's this is the iconic "Helmet, Cork, Aviation" Flying Helmet, better known as the "type A". See pages 26 & 156 of Mick's book for details.

Because the TypeA Flying Helmet was finally superceded by the TypeD Flying Helmet in 1941 this example was probably one of the very last to be manufactured as it is clearly dated 1942 . The typeA Flying Helmet commonly thought to have beeng issued to RAF Airmen "East of Malta".

This example has so much going for it...Date, Condition, Size and...Genuine History - It is named to a "G.W Titherington"...Geoffrey Wrench Titherington served in the Egyptian Army Service from 1919 to 1925. The rest of his career seems to have revolved around Middle East Military Politics until his retirement in 1942. I'm sure there's a lot more to discover about G.W Titherington. and he did have RAF connections which I've yet to research.

It had taken me ten years to find another of these and I've now been very fortunate to have acquired two examples in the past twelve months.