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THE FINEST!! replica early WWII Pilot Battledress

There is no absolutely comparison between this Battledress Uniform and any other repro RAF BD Uniform on the market. This simply blows anything else out of the water. It has been viewed close up by a number of visitors and no-one has seen anything that comes even close to the quality and accuracy of this BD Uniform.

I have no idea who made this reproduction RAF Battledress but if I did I would be singing their praises from here to eternity. The attention to detail is second to none and if it wasn't for the fact the Blouse and Pants doesn't carry original labels I would swear these were original. Put these on a mannequin and no-one would ever guess they weren't original.

Better still, this is the perfect reeneactors Battledress Uniform. Made to be worn.

It's worth noting the early War pattern BD Trousers. The maker has even gone as far as adding the ankle straps and buttons.
If they were to be worn, the BD blouse is a 40" chest and the BD Trousers are a 32" Waist.

I give my personal guarantee - THIS WILL NOT DISAPPOINT!!