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Possibly THE most famous 'DUNHILL' Flying Helmet o

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to own possibly the best known "DUNHILL" Flying Helmet of WWI. Not only that. the Helmet comes with the original "TRIPLEX" Flying Goggles, TWO Pairs of Original cloth RFC Wings and the very finest provenance you could ask for in the field of Flying Helmet collecting.

I cannot tell you how hard it will be to part with this group but business is slow with everyone right now and we all know that sometimes sacrifices have to be made.

Please see page 132 of Mick Prodger's book.

This incredible Flying Helmet and the Goggles were actually worn by Marcus Thurlow Wright RFC. It is instantly recogniseable because of the unusual addition of various "lucky charms" which were attached to the Helmet.

Although Mick only showed Thurlow Wright's Helmet in his book he was also able to acquire his Goggles and two pairs of his original cloth RFC Wings. These also come with the finest, and most informative letter of provenance you could wish for.

PLEASE NOTE; I will be removing the Helmet etc from my display case in order to take clearer pictures.