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STUNNING!! Pair of 1944 Luftwaffe Flying Boots - N

If ever a pair of Luftwaffe Flying Boots were worth spending a further few pounds on then these are them.

Late-War Flying Boots of the Luftwaffe almost always meant inferior quality due to the simple lack of raw materials. So, whenever late-War Boots ae found they tend not have have survived as well as the earlier "Hoffmann" made Flying Boots.... However, with the exception of the suede/sheepskin sections on these Boots, these have survived so well they are in almost mint condition. Just look at the condition of all of the straps and buckles, they have barely been used.

I gaurantee it would be well worth investing a few extra pounds to have them repaired/restored..................THESE HAVE NOW BEEN PROFESSIONALLY REPAIRED!!

My pictures may not do these justice, they do look absolutely stunning!
Even the Original Willop soles are in superb condition!