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EXTRAORDINARY FIND!!! Pre-WWI Retail Box of French

I state pre-War as these Goggles are small, much smaller than the later productions when greater peripheral vision for faster Winged Flying was required.

There are three pairs of "OTO-LUX" Goggles, still in their original green cardboard box for retail supply. The Goggles are a little dusty but are in stunning condition given they are likely to be 100+ years old.

All three pairs are in in just about MINT condition with perfect lenses, collapsible sides, excellent grey leather and fur (different tones) and straps, which are no longer elasticated. Even the adjusting snap buckles, locating rings and catches are still fully gilded and they have the perfect gold embossed "OTO-LUX" Logo's still in place.

I have never even come across this small a Goggle, let alone three pairs in their original box.......a "Collectors Dream!"

Of course I could sell these individually but these are a complete piece of history and in my opinion should never be split up.