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Comet Line Badge 'mystery' solved!!! with very pos

Every so often I add items to my website which at the time are a bit of a mystery, and every now and again one of my more adventurous customers "takes a punt" and commences researching the item in the hope of finding a hidden treasure. Well (not for the first time) this customer did just that and has confirmed the true history behind this rare item!!

You may remember this small lapel badge from my website twelve months ago. My theory was that it had something to to with the "Comet Line" given it detailed a barbed wire comet.....after a year of comprehensive research my customer has discovered and fully confirmed that:
"278 is the Comet Line number assigned to T/Sgt R.P.Reeves USAAF who escaped over the Pyrenees on 6.5.1944. Reeves was flying with 68 Squadron as an extra crew member in B24 'Ramit-Damit'- serial number 42-7635 - when shot down on 21.1.1944."

Congratulations go to my customer on an excellent result!

This confirms my belief that not everything is in the books.