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ULTRA RARE!! Original Royal Air Force 1943 'MALTA

I've searched for an example of this badge forever and have often wondered why none have ever appeared. Having now found one I know why no more than a handful seem to exist.....

.......this tiny piece of silver would look completely insignificant to anyone other than the most devout collector of RAF Memorabilia it wouldn't seem worth keeping.
Also, weighing less than one gramme it is so fragile it could be so easily damaged and therefore discarded.

It's therefore no wonder that the only other example I've seen is the 185 Squadron Malta Cross shown on page 168 of "Eagles Recalled".

This example is to 23 Squadron who flew Night Fighter Mosquito MkII's on from Malta between December 1942 - December 1943. In December 1942 the squadron was transferred to Malta, to fly intruder missions over Sicily, Italy and Tunisia. In December 1943, with the Allied armies in Italy, No.23 Squadron moved to Sardinia.

This 23 Squadron Malta Cross is in perfect condition, unpolished and as found.

Gramme for gramme this is possibly the rarest piece of silver anywhere on the planet!