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ONE OFF!! Polish Air Force Cap Badge - Gold Plasti

This PAF Cap Badge has now been in my posession for two years and has been on my website for a number of months. Yet no one has come forward to show another example.

I have shown this badge to some of the Worlds top collectors of Polish Air Force Insignia and no-one has been able to identify it, or seen another.
The common concensus of opinion is that it is a prototype, probably made by Stanley Brothers who made the Original Silver Plastic PAF Cap Badge during WWII.
Unfortunately one of the lugs has snapped and been repaired at some stage.
It is extremely well made and a top quality badge. It certainly isn't a copy or a home made attempt at a reproduction.
This has been made by a Badge Manufacturer and the standard of manufacture is equal to, and identical to that of "Stanley Brothers".


As with all our items, we offer a full, no question, money back gaurantee if this PAF Cap Badge is not 100% Authentic.