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SUPERB Pair of WWII 'MORLAND' Flying Boots - Named

There is a famous picture of the Legendary ATA Pilot LETTICE CURTIS boarding a Spitfire. In that picture she is wearing a very similar pair of Flying Boots.
If you google "MORLANDS FLYING BOOTS", the first thing it tells you is that MORLANDS were one of the contracted suppliers of Flying Boots to the Air is easy to see the similarity in these Boots the the RAF 1940 & 1941 Pattern Flying Boots.
As my regular customers will be aware I normally advise completely ignoring 'named' items without concrete provenance. On this occassion I will leave that to the discretion of any interested parties. Mainly because of the way they were acquired.....They are named to someone called "RICHEY", and the seller made no mention of the name, so wasn't selling the boots based on any supposed history, but did say they were informed they belonged to a "Lady who Flew Aeroplanes in WWII".
Now, there was an American ATA Pilot called "RICHEY". She later was a WASP in the United States.

I cannot claim these were her Flying Boots, but the circumstantial evidence that I have, does point things in that direction.