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MINT!! 'Bijou Fix' 1916 WWI French Pilot Wings (un

Possibly the most recogniseable of all unofficial WWI Pilot Wings and used on the front cover of the excellent book "French Aeronautical Branch Badges up to 1918" by Philippe Bartlett. Manufactured in 1916 the "Fix" Wing was adopted by not only the French Air Service but also worn by other nations.

Prior to the advent of the official wreathed French Pilot Wings the Airmen of France had started purchasing the 'Bijou Fix' & 'Oria' brooches in Paris. They were worn on, or above the pocket of their Tunics. As there was no official uniform of the time, put very simply, this would then differentiate the Airmen from the Soldiers of the period.

As is shown in Philippe Bartlett's book numerous similar pieces of French costume jewellery were unofficially adopted by WWI Airmen of all nations at the time.

This "Fix" Wing has come to me as part of a group of WWI French Aviation & Souvenir badges. What is so incredible is that a number of them still have their original Parisienne retail labels with them. Given these are four years short of being one hundred years old one can only assume this collection has been treasured for all that time.

This comes guaranteed as 100% Original. The catch of the gold pin is also stamped.