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SERIOUSLY RARE!! Post-WWI Regia Marina/Aeronautica

Huge thanks go to my American friend Tom and his friend in Italy for the following information.....
....Before the creation of the Regia Aeronautica in 1923, the Italian Military Pilots came from the Regio Esercito ( ARMY ) and from the Regia Marina ( NAVY ).
The former NAVY pilots were authorized by the fascist brass to hold their NAVY pilot wings as a honour badge on their new Regia Aeronautica uniforms..
Actually this is an honour badge formed by the original WW1 NAVY wings superimposed by the fascist ( FASCIO ) insignia.

Tom's friend in Italy also supplied him/me with pictures of two other examples of this Wing....Shown in pictures 8&9 you can compare the other two and will see the example I'm offering is somewhat different/superior in manufacture in that it is jeweller made in many parts and the quality is exceptional!

Measures 70mm across.

This is one extremely rare Italian Pilot Wing!!!!