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The ULTIMATE WWII USAAF Pilot Re-enactors Timepiec

This is awesome!! Not only is it the very best of A-11 USAAF "Hack" Watches, but just look at how it was worn.

Mounted on an original pair of Silver USAAF Pilot Wings, and fastened through a silver is also surprisingly extremely comfortable to wear.

The Watch itself shows signs of wear but it Works perfectly (including the 'Hack' feature) and is complete with all parts including the waterproofing gasket and non-magnetic casing.

I'm 100% confident that this has been together since WWII.
I've worn the watch for the past few days and the admiring looks, comments and questions about it were not's a belter!!

The pictures come nowhere near to showing what a Stunning Timepiece this won't be disappointed.

Don't Miss It!!