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Original WWII Italian Flying Helmet - Regia Aerona

There is no doubting that Flying Helmets of the Regia Aeronautica are the hardest Flying Helmets of any nation to find, Allied or Axis. In fact, this is only the second Italian Flying Helmet I've had.

As so often happened, the electronics have been removed from this Helmet. I think it's fair to say that, having read Alberto Spaziani's excellent book - "Regia Aeronautica Radiotelephonic Flying Helmets" radio equipment of any description wasn't too popular with many Italian Pilots in their Aircraft.

Despite the fact the comms have been removed this is still a brilliant Flying Helmet. The overall condition could be described as unused as there is little to no wear whatsoever. The tops of the metal comms cover have separated from the cloth but on display this cannot be seen. Neither the comms cover nor the cloth are damaged in any way.

WWII Italian Helmets are identical to the Luftwaffe LKp Series The neck strap and throat mikes from the LKp101 series are the same size and shape. It would therefore be possible (for display purposes) to replace the comms using a donor set from a Luftwaffe 101 Helmet.