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As a child my interest in the RAF was initiated when I was gifted a whole load of 'stuff' by an ex-Battle of Britain Airman, who was a good friend of my parents. One of those gifts was a genuine Piston Head from a Spitfire which had been made into an ashtray. As a ten year old this piece of metal was THE most exciting thing I'd ever seen, and I still own that ashtray today.

Now, some fourty years of collecting and more recently trading, I've owned and sold a few more of the "Spitfire Ashtrays". Indeed there is a full 'set' on my website right now. However, it wasn't until four weels ago that I discovered something incredible!......these Battle of Britain Ashtrays were sold BOXED!!

I've added this to my website purely to 'share'. The box is going away to be professionally repaired and for the time being, the ashtray and box will go into my personal collection.
I've spoken with many friends, customers and fellow collector's and no-one has ever seen one of these boxed before. We'd be very interested to hear of any more out there?