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Wonderful Royal Flying Corps Propeller Clock from

This is not only a real eye-catcher, it is also a rare Prop hub and comes with a very high quality (and working) "Buren" Clock.

The manufactures details can still be clearly seen etched on the sides of the propeller hub and these read as follows DRG No 1 P982ALH (Indicates the Drawing Number)

D 2740 (Indicates a Diameter of 2740 mm)
P 1260 (Indicates a Pitch of 1260 mm)
160 Beardmore (Engine Type)
FE2B (Aircraft Type)
G953 N100

This also has its original key with two different sized ends for setting and winding the clock. The clock is also fully housed with a protective brass dust cover at the rear. There is a small hairline crack in the porcelain dial but is runs smoothly and quietly for days on just one wind.