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VERY RARE!! TypeH RAF 24V Heated Flying Gauntlets

After the disastrous attempts at heating the hands of Allied Airmen with the heavy 1940 Pattern Gauntlets, the designers and Air Ministry finally got it right with the development of the TypeH Flying Gauntlet. All TypeH Flying Clothing became standard Air Ministry issue in 1944.
Similar in pattern to the 1941 Gauntlet these incorporated a blanket-lined rayon lining which carried a gauze wire heating element.

This very rare pair are in superb condition throughout. They have been worn and could still be worn today. One Gauntlet has an extra section of chamois lining and seems just slighty darker so it is likely these were made by different manufacturers, the same as the earlier Flying Gauntlets.
They fit me and are stamped 'M' so 'Medium' size issue.