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INCREDIBLY RARE!! 1930's Williamson G.22 A.M Wing

Prior to the advent of the Williamson G.42 and the follow on G.45 (cine) Gun Camera in July 1939, the Williamson G.22 was the closest thing to a state of the art Gun Camera the RAF had access to.

The obvious difference between the G.22 and its later brothers was the G.22 was a 'single shot' Camera operated from a trigger/button on the Spade Grip control.

Observers would also have used the G.22 mounted in the form of the Lewis Gun.

This particular example is the wing mounted type and come complete with its original, and very rare mounting bracket for fixing to the wing of the Aircraft. I did read that the G.22 was the first Gun Camera fitted to the new fangled Hawker Hurricane.

There are a few (replaceable) screws missing from the Camera but everything else clicks, screws, springs, adjusts and move as they should.

My price is for the complete unit including the Wing Mounting Bracket.