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OUTSTANDING!! Pair of RAF/RCAF MkIII Flying Goggle

It's not every day I put the phrases "MkIII Goggles & Wearable" together, but these are just that.

When I first bought these I thought the lenses were possibly a pair of the excellent replacements made by my good friend Lou Alkana**. However these are 100% Original WWII lenses with no discolouration. minimal shrinkage and just a few light marks.....I can gaurantee, these are the very best lenses in any pair of original Battle of Britain MkIII or MkIIIa Goggles I've seen!
On top of that, the frames still carry 99% of their original paint (small dink), the cushions are extremely good, and the strap and buckle are excellent.
Of Canadian manufacture, these are the best pair of MkIII's to have ever come into my posession.

** Lou Alkana sells his superb MkIII/MkIIIa replacement lenses on ebay under the name "idacomm". He's a great guy and a true aviation enthusiast in every sense of the word. You can buy the replacement lenses direct from Lou by contacting him on