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SUPERB!! 1920's Royal Air Force Full Dress 'Busby'

Quite a curious RAF Busby - the sum of the parts tells me this is 100% Original, yet it doesn't have the typical yellow silk liner and patent leather chinstrap. Instead it has a simple black silk liner and standard leather chinstrap.

Starting at the top, the Ostrich Feather Plume is as good as you will see for colour and condition. Instead of the basket weave holder it has a section of blue and gold bullion rank ribbon.
The leather Shell and Bearskin are again in excellent condition and are totally original.
The RAF Cap Badge is in Brilliant Condition, the gilding is wonderful on this rare badge!
The gold and blue bullion chinstrap is again in fantastic condition.

I firmly believe this is an original period piece and I'm confident you will too when you examine it.